I need ideas for what and how to finish bathroom walls please

Discussion in 'Materials' started by magentawave, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    You can use the outdoolrs carpet glue. Apply it with a notched trowel.
  2. magentawave
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    magentawave Senior Member

    Hey thanks for the tip about that stuff. Loctites PL3X is only $4.81 a tube at Home Depot. :)

    Since the FRP panels are being glued to vertical surfaces, how do you suggest I keep them in place until the polyurethane goop dries?

  3. hoytedow
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    hoytedow wood butcher

    Prop them in place with a long stick(or several) from the opposite wall.
  4. PAR
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    Yep, tape, braces, a big inflatable beach ball, several friends that don't know what they're in for, indentured servants, whatever it takes.
  5. SamSam
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    Stick the panel in place, pull it back a few inches and let the mastic stuff air out for a few minutes, then mash the panel back in place. You might need sticks, but we never did when doing kitchens and baths in restaurants. Just quickly go back over areas while you do others and soon it will stay.
  6. JSL
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    JSL Senior Member

    make sure the plywood has waterproof glue and no voids or the heat and moisture could cause blisters.
  7. alan white
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    alan white Senior Member

    Waterproof glue, yes. No voids, not worth the upcharge. It's those inner voids, or lack thereof, that are responsible for that big price tag.
    I don't think avoiding voids is realistic here. I seriously doubt blisters will occur even if there are some voids.
  8. jorgepease
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    jorgepease Senior Member

    maybe monstaliner
  9. magentawave
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    magentawave Senior Member

    Monstaliner is not a bad idea because I wouldn't need to do nearly as much filling and sanding like I will with paint and apparently the stuff is tough. The downside to Monstaliner is that its dang expensive! I priced out using several different materials in the bathroom and Monstanliner was the most expensive at about $340.00 plus shipping. In spite of the expense, I might finish the entire exterior with white Monstaliner. Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative to Monstaliner that leaves a smooth orange peel finish and comes in white?

  10. pauloman
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    seal with a few coats of sovlent thinned epoxy - then use self stick vinyl floor 'tiles' in white - fake stone etc. - use extra adhesive.
  11. sinopolymer
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    sinopolymer New Member

    I have looking for a qualified warehouse for vinyl ester resins near Seatle, anyone here can help me?

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    Just a thought on applying epoxy finishes to the plywood. If you want a perfect finish, like glass, platen mold the panels.
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