I need help please. Basic power calculations.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Trihulled SWATH, Jun 1, 2017.

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    I just thought of something. I lived one mile from the David Taylor Center in Potomac, Maryland for six years. So I know the value of testing a scale model. Or computer testing. Though I know nothing of it otherwise.
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    either proven design shall be followed or rigrous work is required for good basic design.So many things need to be accounted for, i.e
    1. seekeeping where heave response shall be outside the reach of wind generated waves
    2. hull design to reduce prying moments for better weight saving.
    3.optimized VCG for better pitching and yawing response as low water plane struts will be succeptible to low resistance for these motions.
    4.engine casing design in aft struts which will require spacious aft struts than forward one. this design will shift lcb towards aft. weight distribution and space arrangement shall follow that.

    There are so many things need to consider. So a good design shall be starting point from where many iterations with CFD or model test shall be done to reach optimal design.This is a lot of work and will need team of professionals.
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    Way way too much thinking about nonsense issues that need to be confirmed and calculated from the outset, rather than child-like throw away comments, and pure day dreaming of nothing about reality or objectives.

    Good luck...

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    @Trihulled SWATH, your idea does not satisfy me but I do not see any inconvenience in having an initial idea, you have changed it, you have improved it, you have discarded it and you have adopted a completely different idea. Only the chosen ones of the gods have an idea and can maintain it until the end without needing to purify it. (But that kind of humans does not exist).
    So, keep thinking and evaluating the advice that is given to you in this forum and, good luck!
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