I need an Architect/Designer!

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    Hello everyone,
    I been a member for about a year but this is my first post so please be gentle.

    I am a self taught designer and boat builder, here lies my problem,
    I am looking for a formally trained experienced high speed RIB architect.

    I build very unusual boats out of material you may not have heard of, specifically Linear Extruded Pipe Grade HDPE Those of you with a civil engineering background will recognize this material as butt fused potable water,sewer and gas pipe. Most of you will know it but it's weaker brother...
    Crosslinked or rotationally molded HDPE.

    I've been building for 7 years and produced 15 boats so far. I have finally worked out all the bugs. Every boat I make I sell before completion.Demand has now exceeded capacity.
    I need the next step., production on scale (volume).

    Volume production is very expensive,
    and to ask for this kind of commitment from investors it is expected that I have a formally trained architect on board. The more well known the better!
    Plus I need someone whose has a history in dealing with the U.S. Military.

    If people are interested you can view my crappy website of pictures and contact me through it or this site.
    I would like to continue the thread any questions?
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    Try this friend of mine. He designs boats for the US Navy

    Kurt Zarwell <kzarwell@hotmail.com>
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