I am looking for a job as a Naval Architect

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    Dear Boat Design Forums Users,

    I can proudly say that at the very moment I have graduated from my faculty ( Istanbul Piri Reis University Naval Architecture Faculty ) with BS degree as Naval Architect and Marine Engineering with '' Top of the Class '' degree among 40 other students.

    For my graduation thesis during last year internship at one of the Tuzla Shipyards ; I have tended to understand managing of ship repair projects and I have studied on planning and managing dry docking of a 50.000 DWT bulk carrier as a Superintendent.In addition to that, 57 m Fast Patrol Boat has been designed by myself for design graduation project.

    During my education process, I have been attended Erasmus program ( West Pomeranian University of Technology - ZUT , Szczecin/Poland) and Erasmus Internship program ( Remontowa Shiprepair Yard - Gdansk/Poland ) . I had the opportunity to follow various types of ship repair projects and gained invaulable experience from project engineers in Remontowa Shiprepair Yard.

    If you would like to hire a naval architect, please contact with me ismetenes.ozcam@gmail.com .

    Linked in profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ismet-enes-özçam-74a17379?trk=hp-identity-name

    Here after my resume, and other document for your review.

    With Best Regards,


    Attached ;

    High Honour Certificate from PIRI REIS UNIVERSITY

    Turkish Chamber of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Enrollment Certificate

    West Pomeranian University of Technology Letter for Erasmus Internship Document

    Letter of acceptance from Remontowa Ship Repair Yard for Erasmus

    Technical Specification of Fast Patrol Boat

    Dissertation Project : Planning and Managing Drydocking to Superintendent in 50.000 Dwt Bulk Carrier
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