hydroptere 52.83 knt

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by bertho, Oct 7, 2008.

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    bertho bertho

    during training last week end at fos sur mer , not homologated :eek: !
    faaasssst !

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    And who says blobotes are slobotes??

    Sure is an awful lot of technology to accomplish something windsurfers and kiteboards have been doing for years, though.

    I guess that's all right. Any technological advancements that moves the state of the art ahead are bound to be welcome eventually.

    52.83kt=60mph(!!!)=97.8 Km/h. I don't care what you're driving on the water, that's hauling ***.
  3. Chris Ostlind

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    Nope, L'Hydroptere's speed is not ratified by the WSSRC, but without question, just flat hauling butt.

    The number listed is a peak speed and unfortunatley, that does not qualify as a record. They have to maintain the speed and the average over a minimum 500 meter regulated course is what will get them a record.

    Epo, you are right, the kiteboarders and some windsurfers have also clocked speeds that high for momentary values. The world record for 500 meters is currently held by a French kiteboarder at 50.57 knots. I believe that the speed is still pending final ratification from the WSSRC, but the record run was supervised, on-site by representatives of the WSSRC, so it should be just a matter of a short time for the official deal to fall in place.

    The part that completely amazes me is that all the wind force to get going that fast (40-45 knots) is being pushed right through the boarders body. No winches, no tie-off points, just one studly dude (or dudess) hanging his/her cheese waaaay out in the wind. By the way, the fastest women's speed sailing record is Sjouke Bredenkamp with a posted run of 45.2 knots.

    Chris Ostlind
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