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    I'm upgrading from a Hobie-14 to a Hobie-18. On the 18' though, I would like to mount a hydrofoil system. I have been sailing my 14' for about 4 years now but would like to go faster. My main question; Is it possible to design and mount a hydrofoil sustem on a Hobie-18 that does not require adjusting the angle of the foil while under way? If not, what would be the best method of employing such a system? I do have engineering software at my disposal and have already messed around with a few designs and configurations. Any and all input is appreciated
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    Here is a video of the Flying Phantom, an F18 in name only-much lighter, 10' wide that uses the AC 72 three foil configuration and a variation on the TNZ main foil. Adjustment of the foils is minimal. You might consider contacting these guys but you probably won't have much luck-this boat is state of the art and they will probably rather sell you a Phantom than convert yours. You can check the membership list here for Dave Carlson-he is a long time foiler and A Cat sailor and could be of help. If you can't find him listed here try the Sailing Anarchy multihulls forum and check under A Class topics.
    Check the Flying Phantom thread here: http://www.boatdesign.net/forums/multihulls/flying-phantom-f-18-catamaran-43898.html

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    The eighteen will go enough faster than the fourteen to make your eyes water. You wont need foils until you are ready to challenge existing speed records.

    Foiling is fun to contemplate but not for the faint at heart, the technically challenged, or the impecunious.

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    Yes, Dave Carlson put Keiper-designed foils on his Hobie 18 more than 10 years ago.
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