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    Regarding to the subject above... I'm trying to work on the Longitudinal Strength analysis, according to the information/guidance HYDROMAX software will automatically distributes the weight of the contents of holds,tanks,etc along the length of the hold/tank. But it doesn't automatically distribute the fixed weight such as steel,outfit,machinery and margin. Where for this weight need of me to enter the aft and forward limits. This make me wondering about the value of aft and forward limits... How to determine this values (if the weight is not concentrated in one point @ scattered i.e. outfit)? If anyone familiar and expert in this type of software, please give me some idea and explanation...

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    Sounds to me that you need to know the actual center of gravity of the equipment and structure then you can provide this value, I know what is doing with the "weight" that is distributed along the hold or tank because the software "knows" that the compartment is filled with a liquid or for example if is a dry hold the software automatically "fills" the hold if you are doing a flooding case (analysis), but again seems that the values required for the structural and outfitting needs to be known by you so you can input such for the long strength calculation.

    If that is the case you need to setup a spreadsheet to obtain the center of gravity
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    LS weight distribution

    Here's an image of the lightship weight distribution for an oil tanker. Longitudinal extents of weights is principally for large structures like deck houses, where the weight is pretty uniform over the length of the structure. If you modeled the weight force of a full length deck house as a single point at the CG, then you would over estimate the bending force. However, if you broke down and itemized every piece of structure in the vessel, it would give a more accurate result.

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