Hydrogen Fuel cells for ships

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by schakel, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Sorry meant to type 5... they are supposed to power up in 5-6 years with First plasma and be power generating within 8-9. Look its one of those things where if they actually get it to work, they will be able to power most of southern Europe with a bucket of water
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    As much a s I think paying for fusion research is worth doing, almost regardless of the price, I have doubts about a commercially viable machine being made in the next 50 years. When it happens it will change the world in almost the same way electricity did when it was first harnesed, but it is a long term project with a lot of uncertainty left to deal with.

    They just got more energy out of the fusion than they put into it (not out of the system, just the reaction), and it takes a huge amount of power to run the subsidiary systems. But progress is being made.
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    schakel environmental project Msc

    400 hydrogen tankstations planned 2023 in Germany

    It's more for car's I think:

    Here is an article in Dutch about the planned construction of 400 Hydrogen tank stations in Germany.
    If you translate it with Google translate you get a readable article.
    I find the new Tesla S type with electricity recharge, stunning beautiful (nicer looking than a Maserati).
    Goal of the project is not efficiency. (well to wheel efficiency for any extra step from oil to hydrogen or electricity means efficiency loss) It's emission control.
    Carbon Dioxide emissions in both cases are more control-able and can lead to greenhouse reduction or underground storage.) In fact carbon dioxide can be used as an expulsiongas in gasreservoirs that leads to higher recovery rates.

    The use of oil fuel is very inhabited in shipping I guess.

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