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    i am a naval architect student doin my project on hydrofoils.how can i findout the transverse stability of a fully submerged hydrofoil.does the lift change wen the foil rolls or does the point of action of lift changes....how can the ship b stable in foil borne condition?i ve assesed my stability in hull borne mode..
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    I do appreciate your enthusiasm for all things hydrofoil, but as I understand this is for a fairly important school project. I'm not sure what your prof expects, but as a student myself I know that few profs approve of asking for help on the Internet every time you get stuck. Many on this side of the ocean will pursue academic discipline if they find out that a student has been asking for help on online forums instead of doing the research themselves.
    Hydrofoils are very complicated craft to analyze. Some folks here might be able to point you to good papers on the subject, but you will still have a fair lot of reading to do.
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    If asking for help finding sources, then its perfecntyl fine. IF asking someone who is a seasoned designer, then that person becomes his source. As long as work is cited, it is not plagerism. The internet is a very valuable source. Internet forums were specifically cited as a place to help find information for my senior design project last year.
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