Hydrodynamic Engineer Needed

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    We are looking for a Hydrodynamic Engineer who wants to sit in Orlando, FL. Must be able to obtain a security clearance (does not need to be active)

    For immediate response, please send resumes to ccrimmins@apexsystems.com

    Hydrodynamic Engineer
    Orlando, FL 32826
    Salary/Pay is Flexible DOE

    Project Details – Size, Scale, Scope? This position supports the Naval Virtual Ship Program and is intended to bring realistic, real world naval warfare experiences to the simulation platform. This is to make the simulation training as realistic as possible.


    Perform ship maneuvering, seakeeping and propulsion hydrodynamic modeling and analysis applicable ship simulation systems for training and engineering applications using empirical, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and experimental techniques. Develop and validate maneuvering and seakeeping models for new ship classes for existing simulation systems. Plan, design and support implementation of models of:
    • Hydrodynamic forces in six degree of freedom equations of motion for the conventional and multihull ships, boats, fast craft and submarines including control appendages, thrusters and propulsion systems,
    • Maneuvering and Seakeeping control systems including autopilots, dynamic positioning and motion control systems,
    • Linear and non-linear response to waves,
    • Environmental forces including the effects of shallow water, channel banks, currents, wind and interaction with fixed and floating objects including other ships and ice,
    • Forces due to lines, anchors and fenders.


    • M.S. or Ph.D. degree in engineering (naval architecture, ocean, aerospace or a related discipline).
    • A minimum of 3 years of experience in hydrodynamic modeling and simulation, computational fluid dynamics and or analysis of ship propulsion and control systems.
    • Basic naval architecture for resistance, propulsion systems, propulsors, stability and seakeeping,
    • Experienced in mathematical and statistical analysis.
    • Solid technical, analytical, and fundamental research skills.
    • Strong communication, innovation, and teamwork capabilities.
    • Critical thinking skills.
    • Demonstrated leadership experience.
    Relevant experience includes the following:
    • Analysis, modeling and simulation
    • Theoretical, computational and experimental hydrodynamics
    • Vessel motion analysis
    • “Physics Engines” for simulation
    • Probabilistic and statistical analysis
    • Knowledge of specialist software for CFD / Hydrodynamics, seakeeping and stability.
    • Programming (e. g. MatLab, Python, c#, c++ and ForTran)
    • Proficient in use of Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Project, Word
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