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    The Meranti supply is quickly dwindeling and becoming more difficult to find at a reasonble price locally. I have been seeing Hydrocore made with Gurjan available and I would like to know if anyone as any experience with it. It seems like it is up to snuff if the manufactures claims pan out. I know Gurjan is used as a core in teak plywood. Is it as good as Meranti? Would I be better off going with Douglas fir AB marine ply?
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    Boat building is typically one of the uses listed for Meranti, but I haven't found any evidence that says Gurjan (Keruing) is used in boat building. Then again, making it into plywood changes its character and therefore its usefulness in different applications so maybe it's fine for use in boat hulls.

    In other words, I don't know the answer to your question ...

    But there is certainly no shortage of Meranti plywood in the Philippines nor have the export levels changed significantly, so I think the shortage you're seeing is a local thing, probably created by your retailer who has decided to source his wood from a different supplier.
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