Hydraulic rotary actuator for controlling a rudder on an old Dutch Barge

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    I am dealing with retrofitting a hydraulic steering system on an old 65ft Dutch barge.

    The original steering system of that boat has been removed by the owner of the barge (chains, sprockets, cogs ..) and the most suited steering system now appears to be a hydraulic one.
    I'd love to re-use the old gears that were controlling the rudder angle... (see attached pictures)

    I am at the early stage of designing the steering system and I have no information as to the loads that the rudder of that boat could be working under (I am trying to get information at the moment...) but I have done some very rough estimates and I am looking at sourcing a rotary actuator that could generate a torque of up to 2,000 Nm around a horizontal axis.
    Note; The rotation generated around that horizontal axis then converts into a rotation of the rudder stock (vertical axis) via a straight bevel gear.

    I seem to have found a type of hydraulic rotary actuator that could be good (https://ph.parker.com/us/21058/en/helical-hydraulic-rotary-actuator-l10-series) but I'd really like to hear from anybody for advice and see if generous estimations regarding the loads on the rudder can be made for me to size safely the components of the hydraulic steering system.
    I'd rather getting closer estimations from Naval Architects rather than use mines (which could be completely wrong!)

    Length of vessel; 65ft
    Breadth; 12ft
    Gross tonnage;?? about 30t
    Wet surface of unbalanced rudder; 2 m2
    Max speed; 8kts

    Any idea as to the sort of loads that could be playing on this rudder???

    I know, it is certainly not enough for anybody to give precise figures but any advice would be appreciated...

    Thanks in advance.


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