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Hydraulic generator and much more.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Dynaset, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Dynaset
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    Dynaset Junior Member


    I want tell you great news.
    Don't waste Your money, when You can use hydraulic generator system for making electricity.
    Our HGV hydraulic generators are small, light and very compact packets which convertibility gives You possibility for different kind of layout and space options.

    The variable hydraulic generator system is an ideal source of reliable electricity from various motor vehicles such as trucks, boats, vans etc. The system uses Dynaset hydraulic generators producing high quality 230 V “mains current” and even 400 V 3-phase electricity. The system is a complete solution, and it can be installed with a hydraulic system, making it an excellent choice for vehicles without hydraulics.

    The system is quiet in use. Due to compact size of all components, it can be installed comfortably even when there is only little space. Furthermore, extra sound proofing is easy.

    Connected directly to the vehicle main engine, the variable hydraulic generator system functions perfectly whether the engine is running on idle or on full speed. Using low revs and no need for separate fuel make it very cost effective in use.

    The core of the system is ever-ready hydraulic generator, which transforms the hydraulic power into electricity. Safety and reliability are guaranteed by automatic rotation speed controller valve and automatic voltage control.

    Complete variable hydraulic generator system also includes a hydraulic pump, solenoid valve, and oil cooler (integrated to the generator or as separate unit). Installing an optional external junction box makes electricity easier to access. Compact hydraulic oil tank can be installed when necessary.

    The main engine is installed on the hydraulic pump the energy produced can be easily used for other hydraulically operated equipment, stabilizer, bow thruster, anchor winch and swim platform.

    I hope you have time to visit our web pages and to look more information of our products:www.dynaset.com

    Please, do not hesitate to contact me and ask more information. I will help you with pleasure and together we can find most suitable components or systems for Your needs.
  2. Dynaset
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    Dynaset Junior Member

    Other applications

    The patented Dynaset HPW hydraulic high pressure water pump brings impressive washing power in a small unit.

    Hydraulic high pressure water pump HPW200
    - output 200 bar / 30 lpm
    - water power 10 kW
    - weight only 8 kg
    - dimensions only 160 x 190 x 243 mm.

    Dynaset HPW pumps deliver water pressure up to 1600 bar. There are also lots of useful accessories available, such as washing pistol suitable for underwater washing, sand blasting injector for water sand blasting, turbo nozzles, refill pumps (injectors), washing fluid injectors, etc.

    HPW model range also includes salt water resistant marine models. A Dynaset HPW pump can be used in bow / stern high pressure water "thruster", underwater washing, underwater cutting, fishnet washing etc.

    Dynaset also offers other hydraulic equipment: compressor, submersible pump and winch. All of these get their running power from the same hydraulic system, bringing valuable extra features on any boat or ship!

    Additional information about our products:
    HPW High pressure pumps
    Wet sandblasting injectors
  3. Dynaset
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    Dynaset Junior Member

    Now SUPER Offer

    Ask us to offer Variable hydraulic generator and you get a 5% discount when you mention "BOATDESING".

  4. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    You should post this in the marketplace. Nobody here likes spam
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