Hybrid wing sail-used by Randy Smyth to win Everglades Challenge

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Doug Lord, Nov 28, 2017.

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    If you can get access to Professional Boatbuilder, the article by Jim Brown is in the latest issue-Number 170,December/January,
    p49-59.Haven't read the whole thing yet but it is pretty detailed. The rig is being used on the 40' Caliente and will be used on a new 53' cat called Eagle designed by Paul Bieker/Eric Jolley.
    There is a large foiler being developed to use the rig as well.
    The Wing is now patented with several additional patents pending and Fast Forward Composites in Bristol, Rhode Island is now licencing the Wing.

    The Wing, reefed:
    Scizzor 2017.jpg

    The Wing-soft sail removed:
    Scissor 2017.jpg
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    Structural differences aside what is the major way in which this is a different concept from any wingspar/sail which splits lift between a spar and a sail?
  3. David Cooper
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    The key difference is that the wing can rotate 360 degrees without running into the shrouds (which is why the top part is so narrow and sharp pointed) - in a gale, the rear part of the sail can be lowered and the wing part can be let go at any time to point wherever the wind takes it, completely depowering it.
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