Hybrid Ferry will start operation in Finnish archipelago

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    some facts translated:
    Finland's first battery operated ferry Elektra will start operation in Midsummer.
    98m length 16m beam, can carry 90 passenger cars, steel hull, 2 x 900 kW motors and 2 x 520 kWh lithium battery banks. 3 x 420 kWe (kWA?) backup generators.

    charging happens in loading andunloading points - about 5 minutes at a time.

    A study made in Norway suggest that 70% of the ferry fleet would be worth converting to partially or fully electric. Maintenance and fuel cost is drastically lowered.


    just to get an idea of the route, these are typically very short distance connection vessels. The routes are an extension to the public road network. I will be using this in July.

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