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    HVAC Designer II to create the Detail Design documentation using the functional design documentation previously developed for the various HVAC systems for the ship design project.

    In fulfilling this function, the HVAC Designer II is to develop ship production related deliverables (production drawings and manufacturing workpacks) and exhibit the capability to assist Manufacturing in the resolution of production related issues.

    Evaluate the Functional Design Documentation and transform it into Production Drawings and workpacks.

    Will supervise a group up to two people.

    Also assist in the development of the project HVAC Engineering Team (as requested by the Lead HVAC Engineer).

    Technical skills in the field of Shipboard HVAC Design supplemented by a clear understanding of schedule and budget requirement is essential, along with exceptional time management skills, and the drive and discipline to monitor and maintain existing department policies and procedures.

    Associate Degree from an accredited junior or technical college with an emphasis in mechanical design/drafting and a minimum of five years of Marine HVAC design experience. High School Diploma plus four years of experience in drafting and a minimum of five years of Marine HVAC design experience.

    Successful candidates will need to utilize HVAC System Design Tools, AutoCad 2008, AutoCad 3D, Navisworks, Bentley Explored, Rebis Auto Plant for HVAC or ARL's ShipConstructor HVAC Design Module.

    (ship constructor)
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