Humidity found in the amas of a Tri (airex sandwich, carbon reinforced)

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    Maybe it is interesting for those who handle such kind of boats and have to deal with similarly problems...

    1. mainhull: airex sandwich with uni directional (U.D.) glass type "E" epoxy carbon reinforced
    2. beams: red cedar strip planked with U.D. carbon and U.D. Glass type "E" epoxy
    3. Amas: compressed shape in plywood marine, for deck was used sandwich airex with reinforced "E" glass epoxy

    Pls come over to the sub division of "wooden boat building" where you find the fully description and all picture.

    I dont think it makes sense to post it double as "humidity and water" was found mainly in the amas (from outside and inside). Tks for your interests... Happy Sailing ! :)

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