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    Please review my design for a prototype human powered ocean crossing boat:

    I could use some advice regarding the composite construction of the top. I was thinking of computer cutting sections of 1 to 2" thick styrofaom, glueing them together, then sanding them smooth. Basically the same method I used for creating this HPV fairing:

    which resulted in this HPV velomobile:

    I had planned on a 3 layers of fiberglass/eopxy over the foam plug, then a layer of Kevlar. Then after it cures, I will flip it over, disolve the foam plug and add a layer of nomex core to the inside, along with 3 additional layers of glass - maybe another Kevlar layer?

    Will this be strong enough? Any advice on building a boat top using this method would be appreciated.

    I'll have plenty more questions once I get started, but for now, I'd like any comments regarding the design as well as my basic approach to building the top hull.

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    Greg K
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