Hull Crack Repair Advice

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by C Cap, Apr 20, 2017.

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    As i was sanding the hull preparing for bottom paint, i found this area that has been repaired in the past, yet is showing a new crack thru the repair area.

    I was looking for tips on how to approach repairing this crack?

    I assume sand back from the crack to expose good glass, but was curious if anyone has ever tried to repair a repair? Should i take all of the material off from the first repair? Or just sand back from the crack and re-fill with glass and epoxy?

    This is on a 32 foot flybridge, port side, about 1/4 of the way back from the bow.

    First picture is a close up of the crack, second picture is from the outside looking towards the keel.

    Thanks in advance!

    C Cap

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  2. PAR
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    Grind out the crack, feathering back at a 12:1 slope. Fill the hollowed out gracked area with new fabric and resin, then prep forpaint or gelcoat. About the previous repair, it seems obvious it wasn't good enough, but if it seems sound, just finish it smooth and prep for paint. If not, do he same a I've described for the crack.
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    I would check the stringers in that area. Most likely there is a structural problem to have a crack perpendicular to the centerline.

  4. Windship277

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    Any crack through the laminate is a holed boat and needs to be repaired accordingly. That crack might not go all the way through but with laminate of that age Id grind about 10-12 to 1 and repair outside and inside with polyester, nitex 1708 and starting with many coats of gelcoat, 2 layers of mat on the surface, making a backing piece and doing all repair from the inside.
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