How to put a tunnel in a flat bottom skiff

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jbheels, Feb 26, 2010.

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    jbheels New Member

    I have an 18' flat bottom skiff that is 72" wide at the bottom. I am going to be in some seriously shallow water so I was thinking of putting a tunnel in the bottom and buying a jack plate. Any thoughts on how to construct a tunnel for inexpensive? Thanks
  2. mark775

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    No but do tell of what and how it is constructed. Actually, post pictures.
  3. dand0_4
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    Down here at South Padre Island, Tx. we have to operate in the shallowest bay system in the US. Average depth is less than 2 ft.,a lot of it less than 1 ft. Tunnelboats are the norm here, but they are difficult to design correctly. Before you butcher your boat and possibly ruin its performance here are some suggestions that I use to run my nontunnel boat in water as shallow as 4 inches. First, and most important, a good stainless 4 blade supercupped prop. Extreme cupping is essential. Second a jackplate with 6 in. setback, and last but definitely not least is a Bobs Machine transom water pickup. The water pickup can be modified with a stainless livewell screen to keep grass out, very important. With this setup I can run in 4 inches and take off in 12 or less if the bottom is soft and the transom pickup keeps mud and grass out that other low water pickups ingest.
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