how to find the angle of entrance

Discussion in 'Props' started by jake wilson, Aug 24, 2021.

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    Hello there,
    As I'm working on Holtrop resistance prediction method, I would like to know how to find the Angle of entrance value. I have used the formula attached to the thread. In some cases, I get values like 58.6, 64.2 so n so. I wanted to ask if it's right or wrong.

    The length of run = 96% of lwl

    and for the longitudinal centre of buoyancy, there are various approximation formulae like,

    LCB = 8.8-38.9*Froude number
    LCB = -13.5+19.4*Prismatic coeff

    I wanted to know which one can be used. till now I have used the first formula.
    I'm open to suggestions.
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    Suppose you have some drawing(s) that allows you to obtain all those values of Cp, LR, Dv, ... If so, why not use those drawings to obtain the real value of "iE"?
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