How to enter in Maxsurf Modeler a ready model from other programs

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    If we have a ready model, made not on Maxsurf Modeler, but at other program how we can enter in Modeler and then to use the best of Maxsurf Stability - the affluent list of the diversified criteria on intact stability and unsinkability?
    At first sight it seems the very easy problem - if we already have model in Rhino is opened it in Maxsurf Modeler endways as 3dm file and if the model is made at other program must to use IGES file for import in Maxsurf Modeler.
    But it is not all!
    The diligent preliminary preparation it is necessary. The steps are:
    1. In Modeler it is necessary to enter only one half of vessel - better starboard. The control points it is necessary to switch off that did not foil - Assembly-Design /right mouse button/-Lock.
    2. With Window-Surfaces and in the appeared table of surfaces it is necessary to grade for symmetry for all surfaces in total. In this table it is possible as well to control visibility or invisibility of the surfaces.
    3. To indicate the type of the ship - Data-Vessel Type.
    4. To indicate the measurement units- Data-Units.
    5. To indicate how to consider the coefficients of fullness- Data-Coefficients.
    6. It is necessary to fix the coordinate system, bow and after perpendicular, DWL and overall dimensions of the vessel on a length and height - Data-Frame of Reference /see the file/.
    7. To enter the sections, buttocks and water-lines - Data-Design grid.
    8. To press on the button “Highest Precision” for increase of the exactitude of calculation of Hydrostatics.
    9. We make the calculation of the Initial Stability for already fixed DWL /calculation of the hydrostatic elements for draft on an even keel, relevant DWL/ at heel = 0 and trim=0 with Data-Calculate Hydrostatics.
    The received values are concern to water density 1,025 t/m^3 and VCG=0m.
    It is necessary to put for VCG the real value and if it is necessary - to change density of water. Then must to pick Recalculate /see the file/.
    10. It is necessary to indicate how to calculate the Table of offsets /with or without thickness of the shell plating/.
    11. With Window-Offsets the Table of offsets is displayed.
    12. The file in Maxsurf Modeler should be named and save - he is available ready to enter in Maxsurf Stability.
    NA Razmik Baharyan

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