How-To create a nice Multihull-action video?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Cholsson, Aug 21, 2018.

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    Someone asked how I create my sailing videos... this is how I do it... :)

    This is my setup usually when I create videos when I sail my home built boats. It looks maybe complicated at first but its not that difficult. All steps are of course not necessary each time, but usually I go through most of them.

    Time to produce? (Using my gaming PC, i7gen7, GTX1060, SSD)
    Import 1 hour 360 film from camera (Virb360): 20 min
    Import 1 hour 1080p film from camera (VirbX): 20 min
    Cut down the film from 1h to 10 min & chose angles: 1 hour
    Generate 360 video in 5,7K res: 1.5 hour
    Generate video to 1080p: 10 min
    Upload 10 min 360 video to YouTube: 45 min
    Upload 10 min 1080p video to YouTube: 20 min

    Link to my channel, if you want to see some results
    Christofer Olsson Kedborn
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