How to close the top surface in Maxsurf?

Discussion in 'Software' started by ggburne, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. ggburne
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    ggburne Junior Member

    I'm still a newbie in using maxsurf. I've downloaded maxsurf academic and I'm trying to model a hull using default theme 3 surface hull. I noticed that the top surface is not there. How to close the hull or how to surface the top part?
  2. b1ck0
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    b1ck0 Senior Member

    I assume that you are reading "Learning Maxsurf.pdf". You need to add a waterplane surface and place it "on top" of your model. After you fit it right you need to trim it by the hull surface. All that is explained in videos and learning pdf. You can find them on Formsys website :)
  3. ggburne
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    ggburne Junior Member

    thank you for you reply. I managed to to put the top surface on 1 surface hull (default design). Somehow I cannot add more surfaces on 3 surface hull(default design). So, I cannot close the top because I cannot add more surface. How to add more surfaces? Is there a way for that?
  4. zeroname
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    zeroname Naval Architect

    If u use academic 3 surface is maximum u can use, in professional version u can add as much as surface you need.
    You can contact with formsys to buy if they have special offer for students.
  5. alidesigner
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    alidesigner Senior Member

    Unless you want to develop the panel in workshop or have a curved sheer surface there is no need.

    If you do need to, save your file as a new name, open the new file and delete the bottom surface so that you can add the next surface you need. It means you have 2 work with 2 files but its the only way to work with the 3 surface version.

  6. cokepe
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    cokepe New Member

    there's no need, just like alidesigner said, unless yo need to develop that surface or work with it.

    Because for calculations it consider by default that all surfaces are closed surfaces.
    to check that, just do "calculate Hydrostatics" in data menu, you can see how maxsurf create sections for calculations that are in white color and are closed.
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