How to calcualte powering and How to design propeller?

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by Laranjo123, Oct 14, 2011.

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    How to calculate the powering and how to design a propeller for Gen. Cargo
    Loa 148.669m
    Lbp 143.00m
    B 20m
    D 12m
    d 7.5m
    Thx btw. I am a 5th year naval architect student. We havn't taught how to calculate powering and how to design propellers. Because our prof mention that the powering calculation will be on nxt sem same as the propeller designing.. So i decided to ask here and ask you guys for help. So Any suggestion or idea will be appreciated. :) Thx
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    Read books Laranjo, it's all in there. Power prediction methods, their range of applicability, everything. It sounds very odd (to use an euphemism) that you are not able to calculate the resistance of a cargo ship in the final year of your formal educational path.

    Ship powering is thaught during the first two or three years of any technical university. If it is true that you are a NA student, and that you haven't been taught these basic things, then the academic program you attend is very incomplete or very badly structured. So let me now ask you - what is the name of your university?
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    Actually we have taught about the power and resistance last year way back when i was a 4th year student. I was thinking because he told us it's different than that powering he said. Dunno all i'm about to do now is to calculate the Powering using munro's merchant ship design. Yes true true. That i am a 5th year naval. And havn't taught these basics. It's because sir i don't love being naval :) anyways thx in advance sir. appreciated your help a lot.

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    Sad to say that there's only one school that teaches a good naval architecture it was NAME Polytechnic. There the schools has only one naval architect. School is not big like ours. ( who cares about bigness. ).
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