How To Add A Track To Carbon Fiber Mast?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by zstine, Apr 8, 2017.

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    I've always dealt with Aluminum masts. I have a friend with a carbon mast who wants to add a track for a spinnaker pole. What is the technique to add fittings to a carbon mast? Can you just drill and tap like an aluminum mast? does he need to somehow reinforce the area? if so, what is the preferred method?
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    It depends on the mast. There are no generic answers. Can you be more specific as to the dimensions and construction of the mast and the intended location of the track?
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    Stainless "nutserts" of an appropriate size would be my recommendation, assuming the wall thickness is fairly hefty.
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    I wonder if gluing it on with something like 'Plexas adhesive' might work?

    Perhaps the addition of just a few mechanical fasteners as well, but I would try to keep from 'puncturing' the carbon tube as much as possible. Then be careful of electrolysis possibilities between any metals involved.
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