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    I m 26 year old, from Europe, currently employed in aviation, jet pilot, national airline. I graduated Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, course aviation, aerodynamics.

    I am thinking about Westlawn.

    My question to you is:

    How much time and effort is needed to finish Yacht design course,considering:

    - my job (free time)
    - that I am going to have kids in coming year, getting married
    - that I am a graduated engineer

    Can you provide me with some exams, few pages of the study material...I just want to get some idea how it looks like...

    I would take this course because of my desire in naval design and construction, sailing and probably in future to design my own sailinboat.

    Do you think I should wait for a couple of years?

    As I read in some posts-- if I finish the course; Is this enough to design and build your own boat or even establish own firm, manufacturing sailing yachts!

    Thank you for your time and answers!


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