How much of a boat build in aluminium

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by shakey78, Sep 22, 2009.

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    Just wanted to no how much tig welding is done on boats from 18ft to 30ft these days or do most build with mig, Cause ive seen some picture perfect welds and they said it was all Mig welded, I ve tried to get my Transmig 200 setup for aluminium and can not get perfect puddles like tig welds,

    also I when I weld with mig I get soot on one side of the weld but none on the weld (yes all is clean) can you weld with out the soot with mig???
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    Most commercial builders use MIG. Check that you have the right gas. Argon is common but BOC have a gas call Alushield which also has helium (use to be called 81T I think). It can give a better quality weld. Pure argon will leave soot behind and will be colder. Your machine settings will depend on which gas you use. Talk to your gas supplier.

    Also they usually use slightly larger tips to stop binding and use hand pieces that pull - due to soft wire.

    Also make sure you have the right grade of wire for marine grade ali.

    Great quality welds with MIG is possible, but remember the pros have done years of training.
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    is this ground hog day???.....this is a repeat of the same post from last week..but all the previous replies, gone???

    Just curious that's all...
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