How long until we see 3D printed components in boat building?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Timothy, Dec 16, 2013.

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    Heheh ... boy am I easily entertained...

    "American Idle Speculation"

    A show where would be futurists, story tellers, raconteurs, and BS Artists vie for praises and prizes by spinning what-ifs and anecdotes about developments in society for the entertainment of the listener. Probably have to be on public radio. Could otherwise be handled like other idol type shows.

    Now returning the thread from this slight derailment....
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    That same show happens daily at work.
    I suggested and got implemented about $2B in savings on an affordability program.
    Not recognized in the least.
    A friend made a suggestion to use a technology that was proven in 1990 and got a nice crystal trophy presented at a corporate meeting.
    That suggestion has failed to work. But he still has the trophy and the recognition of corporate management.

    I would give you a trophy of my own just for the idea embodied in the title- "American Idle Speculation"
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    Never saved anyone quite that much. Good job, btw!

    Did manage to help end employee theft which contributed mightily to beating plan by about $20k my first year at this one place ... with the natural result being that they hiked projections up so much thereafter that I couldn't keep pace and eventually could barely afford adequate payroll and was working 7 a week and using my holidays for days off ... since I'd not met plan payroll was naturally cut. "Corporate logic" I tell'ya!
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    Mould tool manufacturing

    I recently listened to very interesting interview with Ryan Jendro from Carver yachts (see link). One aspect he touched on was the idea of 3D printing mould tools. I am a placement student and I have been working with small mould tools for a couple on months now, laminating wet-bars, seatboxes and many other parts for boats ranging from 75ft to 115ft. As I'm sure you guys know, due to the manufacturing methods used, each mould tool is incredibly expensive and takes a considerable amount of time to make. The idea of having 3D printed mould tool made from PLA (doesn't react with styrene and is readily available) that could have precise physical replication of the CAD model, less waste by-product, zero-skill needed for manufacture, considerable less lead time and with a manufactuing method where complexity costs the same as simplicity, I believe it could be an potential area where we could see 3D printing in the boat industry.

    Will the drop in cost for 3D printing larger scale items make it possible to completely replace the current method of mould tool manufacture? Or even if it was to produce one off moulds for 'special cases' where a customer want's a level of customisation?
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    Yup - lets burn the flame a bit higher :)

    A quote from the article :
    "Soon Seene will be capable of capturing a full 360-degree model of an object and export it for printing on a 3D-printer"

    They make it seem so easy. What they really mean is "You will be able to calculate a point cloud from the interpreted image, into a 3d Cad program, then spend 24 hours correcting the innacuracies, until you get a reasonable result, then you can print out a 6 inch version over the next 48 hours in ubiquitous melted polypropelene on your $2000 printer, so you can put it on your bookshelf to look at and say 'isnt science wonderful' "

    However, I am working on the improved version that samples the molecules of the original object as well, and uploads the data to the Cern Supercollider to create the exact Atom by Atom replica and then inserts a copy of a rats brain and DNA into the object to provide rudimentary intelligence, and is then 'programmed' with basic survival instincts. The object will also be able to reproduce itself by eating rubbish bin food, and then reproducing by Mitosis until we have the streets crawling with little plastic creatures that beg for more food.

    I'll upload the video later :p
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