How long lasts Fiberglass?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Vega, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Well, I often begin to ask myself why people do not do preventive maintainence such as barrier coating. With wood boats, it's more complicated, but the issue is the same. It's real work to inspect boats, and expensive to have someone do it regularly.
    And where would we find work if everyone did the right maintainence? New boats would not be built, and older ones would not require much repairing.
    We should thank each and every one of those absentee owners who incautiously let their boats go until it's too late.
    They are the ones responsible for our not having to get a regular job.


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    Just love those thoughts alan white, you are right, without all these people neglecting their boats, we would all be out of a job!
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