How does he do it? Dashew's new 77 foot powerboat cheaper to run than Beowulf.

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by timothy22, Jan 6, 2009.

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    People have been spoilt for choice and have had unrealistic aspirations while the credit was easy and money was free flowing over the years wanting pretty and shiny mooring minders, with no concern for fuel economy or longevity of systems.

    The market for something like this would be very small, and I would also suggest that is it overpriced compared to other vessels with similar characteristics, imho
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    Overpriced is a very polite label, its mad to believe the trough sells above newbuilt cost.
    But they are in famous companionship. Several dozen Megayacht owners calculate the cost, the years of crew expenses, the marina bills, insurance and the like, add the christmas gift for the harbourmaster and have the rate on the price tag.
    Human being is a impressive creature. Some are not too stupid to make some million ore even billion of bucks, but assume all the rest of their sort to be ******.
    but oops was this the topic of the thread? :rolleyes: :confused: :D
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    A boat like Idlewild would be hard to beat as far as fuel efficiency goes. 1.3 gph at 6.5 knots, impressive for a 30,000 lb 57-footer.

    Wind Horse is much larger and faster- three times the displacement, almost double the cruise speed, and an order of magnitude more expensive- but there are similarities. Narrow hull, fine entry, smooth lines with nothing to obstruct the natural flow of the water.

    If only the production trawler builders would clue in....
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    I dont know, here is a much more comfortable boat than idlewild that cost a lot less money that gets similar numbers conversion.htm

    It uses a smidge more fuel, but was cheaper, so you could buy more fuel, and is much more comfortable

    I took the vessel in the pic to Vanuatu in 2007, she cost under $50,000aud to buy, didnt look like much cosmetically, but the structure, mechanicals and systems were all first rate.

    She got similar fuel economy to the vessel above and would get better if the keel cooling and all the holes were filled.

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    Psssst...................leave them as they are:!: don´t startle them...........
    I am just starting to get the first vessel assembled that fits those needs.;)
    In a more conventional (traditional) and far more affordable boat.:cool:

    So leave the competition asleep......please!
    Thank you for your kind reticence Matt.

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    why is everyone so polite, that boat is so very unappealing, to say the least,
    the principal is excellent, it is how many YACHTS were,
    but goodness, the lines,? it is a box, 200k may find a buyer who has sold enough pelts and tobacco up the Klondyke
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    who calls ME polite hähh?:?: She is a ugly Duck (Diesel Duck) but there was something I remember from the days I wasn´t old for long........... if they wait long enough she may become a Swan and sells like hot bread.:p

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    I find the comparisons between Wind Horse and Idlewild is almost as silly as the earlier comparisons of Wind Horse to superyachts... The FPB series aren't going to be competing against Diesel Ducks!

    This is Idlewild, a "Diesel Duck"

    This is Wind Horse, an "FPB"

    Honestly, I think there would be a lot more fuel efficient power cruisers (I refuse to call them trawlers) if people didn't shop based on slip length. Hard to make a long skinny boat if you are trying to shoehorn it into a 40' (or 50 etc) sized slot.

    I am aboard Samadhi V anchored in Bahia Ballena in Costa Rica as I write this. Once you give up the marina habit, boat length isn't much of issue anymore. Give me all of the waterline you can...
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    Really? I didnt make a comparison between the 2, just pointed out that there are more than one designer in the world who has long low powered vessels that have economy


    Both have long waterline length with restrained accommodation, though windhorse is longer.

    Both have small HP for the size , though idlewild has less

    Both are Monohulls

    Both are aluminium

    There is a similarity there no?
  11. Guest62110524

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    fpb and diesel duck, first time heard these terms
    But said for years and years just as easy to build something graceful and beautiful or hansome, as it is a very ugly boat
    Our industry has many, thousands of great designers and thousands who think they can just up and draw a boat, or build one
    this one hear despicts the worst, although it looks builder fair
  12. sabahcat
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    Totally agree, have seen some incredibly ugly boats made from the same $$value of material that a stunner was made from
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    Narrow hull, fine entry, smooth lines with nothing to obstruct the natural flow of the water.

    If only the production trawler builders would clue in....

    The production trawler builders KNOW their market.

    Not 1 in 10,000 is looking to Voyage , most want Volume , Volume , Volume for use as a gin palace, dockside or mid lake condo.

    Few "trawlers" even get the 100 hours a year a Boston Whaler might expect.

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    I accept that draft in blank........;)

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    Well, living were I do, probably makes me thinking more practical, not that I'm more practical than other, but I realize the weater isn't always on the side to one who wishes to do some painting and maintenance here in Norway, also it'll cost quite a lot of money to haul a big thing inside somewhere....

    So, the two above; I like them.

    I like the aspect of maintenance (low), fuel pr nautical mile (low), engine (small = cheaper maintenance, cheaper parts...).

    Seaworthiness/ bow entry; ok....

    I,m probably weird....

    BUT: already there are, here in Norway; far too many Idjits, with far more money than practical sense, buying large plastic boats, all of these built with something that too mee looks like a length width ratio of approx 1,5. Shaped by a designer doing the design just before the doors slams behind him in a high security mental ward; and the last thing he had been dooing before designing these boats, were to have long and meaningful conversations with a slalom boot; hence the shape... To even better the possibility of selling these designs, he even added an oxygent tent at the top for the geriatrics.

    So; to sum up here in Norway, the last years:
    More people have bought boats.
    Boats have gotten larger.
    Boats have got bigger engines.
    Boats go faster.
    The number of idiots in any population is probably a constant.

    Seem like a sure bet to start up a shop with boat maintenance and repair....

    If i wasn't having the well developed diplomatic sense that I have, I could've been a bit rude. Ok, That was a digression; but: I like the two aluminium boats mentioned above, both of them.
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