How Do Dolphins Swim So Fast

Discussion in 'Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics' started by ImaginaryNumber, Jan 16, 2014.

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    Mystery Solved: How Do Dolphins Swim So Fast | NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
    For reference see Gray's Paradox
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    Sometimes I am lead to think that some scientists live in a parallel world of their own, with very few or no touching points with ours. :rolleyes:

    This could be a nice example of ignorance behind the authority brought by an academic title. Lucky for dolphins they can't read, so they couldn't learn about the above findings. Had they read about it, it would have left them so discouraged that perhaps they'd never try to swim again...

    Oh, this sounds like an official act of approval. So Dolphins are now officially certified to have enough power and thrust to swim at the speed they always swim. They can feel relieved. :eek:

    As said at the beginning... Welcome to our planet, Mr. Fish.

    This one is probably the best:
    "Now he has the answer: Bottlenose dolphins can produce the power they need to swim circles around whatever they wish by using their powerful tails, new experiments show"
    What, no kidding??!! :eek::eek: They push through the water by using their tails? OMG!!! :eek::eek:

    Ok, I better stop here, guess I'm a bit acid today.. I am looking forward to seeing this one compete for this year's Ig Nobel Prize.
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    So easily cynical of well funded projects?

    The Puget Sound Regional Council (Washington state) spent $260,000 building a pedestrian bridge across the North Creek, just 20 paces from an existing sidewalk crossing this river. Part of a larger $1.1297 million stimulus grant to improve Bothell Trail.

    The National Science Foundation awarded a $168,766 federal grant to Columbia University researchers to study the sexual behavior of wild blue monkeys by analyzing monkey feces in Africa.

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) spent $55,000 to promote HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, even though no vaccine exists.

    Portland, Oregon spent $900,000 in federal stimulus funds on a new bike signage project even though the city already has similar bike signs, which it plans to leave up. The new signs—which include arrows, distance, and travel times to key destinations— have a slightly different design than existing ones.

    Yeah, go ahead and just start me up . . .
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    All too often, a 'shovel ready' project is one which involves moving a pile of BS from one spot to another.
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    35yrs ago I read their skin was covered with tiny pillars that prevent turbulence, and that was their secret, and the US Navy was trying to copy the concept, but rubber etc kept getting gummed up real fast with debris(and even "hard water scum").

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    The first project was actually of decent significance. That path is heavily used by commuter bikers, and the previous approach required making a series of hair pin 90 degree turns, that in the winter would slick up with black ice from the fog from the slew and the creek.

    this is like Proxmire being an *** back in the 1980s and awarding his "Golden Fleece" award to the folks who studied how much methane ruminants were producing on a per animal basis. What he of course did not get was the broader context of understanding how the climate works and what was/is driving the explosion of greenhouse gasses.
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