how bad an idea: PWC jet to surface drive

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by srimes, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. srimes
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    srimes Senior Member

    So this probably dangerious idea popped into my head. PWCs (jet skis, waverunners, etc.) are quite slow for the power/weight/size, mainly because of the jet pump. What if you pulled the jet and put in a surface drive? Wicked fast and a rooster tail to boot!

    Ignoring the obvious danger of the prop, could it be safe? Or would the single surface piercing prop cause too much side thrust to be stable? Would two props be necessary?

    Also, how fast would it be?
  2. pkoken
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    pkoken S/V Samadhi V

    Use the search, it is your friend.

    Someone has already started down this path...
  3. dd24skater
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    Saw some pictures and numbers a while back.....very fast and looks very dangerous!!!!

  4. Kay9
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    It slices it dices it juliets. It will decrease your time from water to hospital to under 4 mins.

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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    Sure will be hard to care for a boat that can't be beached.


  6. tom kane
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    propellers usually have to have rudders to steer,but rudders only give you about 10 to 13 degrees of steering each way from centre,even less at speed.A rudder gets into a stall position each way past 10 degrees from centre and becomes a big drag with loss of control.
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