How about a job in sunny Dubai?

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by rayk, Apr 11, 2007.

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    I have worked and lived in Dubai --not offshore on an aircon rig but in the city enjoying city life as the locals do.

    The main thing I remember is the heat. If you've never experienced this,--it is quite something. I live in Thailand now it is approx 95 degrees as I type in my shorts sweating profuseley.

    Dubai and Saudi is another level altogether.

    The front side marinas as they have in Diera by the Maktoum bridge has lovelly yachts but look closer there is no one on them. The promanade, beach umbrellas,where is every one --inside in the air con!!

    If you car breaks down off road you could die, take water and a phone. There were no phones when I was there. Dont hink you can lie on the beach --only some times of the year and the sand will burn your feet,-- can not walk on it.

    You could not get in your car at midday, open the car door and lean inside, put the key in and start switch on the air con - After 15 minutes you will be able to tolerate the heat inside.

    Swimming pools are chilled, you stand in them all day with the biggest Mexican hat you can find.

    Social evening--- you will not arrive there without being wet through with sweat.

    Nice place --Its just the heat,--thats what you get paid for.
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    What do you reckon about living in a steel boat in the marina there jack frost?
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    Well you wouldnt need an oven, and save a fortune on sauna's.

    This summer time? winter aint so bad, can be cold at night.

    Cars rot away with incredible speed due to the sulphur excreted from the ground. In some cases needing rust repairs before entering the showroom.

    Out off road, the desert looked like popadoms and crunched under the feet.

    Fed up now,-- if you want to know,-- go there. I had a great time , just a bit hot thats all.

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    live aboard in Dubai

    Living aboard a boat in Dubai is less to do with the practicalities, it's amazing what shore power and an AC through the deck hatch can achieve, and more to do with finding a marina that will let you.

    I'm constantly being approached by people keen to look at live aboard and I would love to oblige them, either with a suitably large boat or a house boat.

    But there's the issue above plus there has been a dearth of marina places available here for the last two years, though there will be an explosion, starting this year, over the UAE and in Oman. I'm involved in a project building three in Abu Dhabi right now. However the prospect of washing hanging out on your boom will frighten any marina manager silly.

    There is an issue related to the legality ie. you must have a residence, but this can be overcome by renting a cheap hovel and either not using it or storing there items you're not too precious about being stolen.

    And yes it is hot, just starting now, but by October it'll all be over and we can come out of our shaded holes to play again.
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