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    We are designing a Houseboat and Towboat to tow the houseboat. The houseboat is not self-propelled. The Towboat will be used also as a yacht when it is not in need to tow.(So it would be something like yacht+towboat)

    We have completed the houseboat design and the particular of the houseboat would be:

    Lwl=18.89 m
    Bwl=6.7 m
    Depth=1.3 m
    Draft=0.75 m

    The rendered image of the houseboat is attached here.

    Now we have to design the towboat, we want to have a Lwl of arround 70 feet. Would you please advice me about , what should be the characteristic of the hull-form(L/B, B/T, Cb, Lcb, Transom Stern/Cruiser Stern, Round Bilge/Hard Chine... etc)? Can you guesstimate the power , where the towing speed would be arround 5-6 knots and free running speed would be arround 9-10 knots?

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    I think you should spend some $ to hire a naval architect.
    Free consultation will not give you the right answer.
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