house bouse on a pontoon boat

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    I tried to build this project as economically as I could,that is finding materials below retail cost.The 3" 4x8 foam filled panels[used for roof of screened enclosures]I got used for about $35 a piece,the alum. frame acrylic windows were $400[about 25% of original cost] and I still have some left over should I need a replacement.The third pontoon was a new takeoff about $750,front and rear alum.frame doors from thrift store $50 both.Of course I had to cut the doors,windows and realign the third tube to fit,a lot of work but well worth it.Since the pictures where taken the frame has been taken off the deck after the mounting holes where drilled.The side panels have been painted with SW white marine paint and should look much cleaner for final installation.I will have to let the new marine plywood deck dry before installing the marine vinyl.

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    Sorry, I didn't mean to put a trailer on, just to build the cabin in the foammie teardrop method, which it appears you are. ;)

    If you have improved the connections to the tubes, sounds like you have it covered. Good luck!
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