Hole shot Issues with my evinrude

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by Marty Herhzaft, May 31, 2019.

  1. Marty Herhzaft
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    Marty Herhzaft New Member

    Hello all, I have a 84 Evinrude 70 horse that runs like a top, but after I make my initial trip I have hole shot issues with the motor. It fires right up, but when I hit the throttle it bogs down. Any thoughts? I have already checked the primer ball and it is hard both before and after the initial run.
  2. Zippydoodah
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    Zippydoodah Junior Member

    Sounds like an impeller problem
  3. Mr Efficiency
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    Mr Efficiency Senior Member

    Impellor seems unrelated to me.
  4. boatbuilder41
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    boatbuilder41 Senior Member

    Link and sync.. these motors need timing before carb butterfly movement... proper link and sync of these can be found in your service manuals... proper timing procedure is normally done in a test tank with test propellers designed to load engine without blowing all the water out of the test tank.. otherwise the boat has to be run at wide open throttle with a test light attached to set max timing... caution this .... it can be dangerous on a fast boat and you should not attempt this alone... idle timing should be set at 4°btdc with mark on timing cam pointed directly at the roller that opens the carb butterflies.. but with a .020 gap between the 2 components.. this allows timing advancement before the carbs start opening... .. this is very critical to the performance of these 3 cylinder engines proper plugs ( L77jc4 ) properly gapped should be the first step... then follow with link and sync procedure... these canbe pretty hot little motors with a few mods when properly tuned .. my daughters boat runs 74.1 mph from the same 49.9 cubic inch motor that you have.. moddified... but still reliable..

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  5. Chris A Farwell
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    Chris A Farwell Junior Member

    Had the same issue. spark advance arm was sticking. Like what boatbuilder41 is talking about. WD40 resolved the issue.
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