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  1. Submarine Tom

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    It appears the HMS ASTUTE (new British nuclear submarine) was not so astute when she went aground on sea trials yesterday.

  2. PAR
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    Sea trials are not only for the boat Tom.
  3. srimes
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    apparently they're not only for the sea either
  4. masrapido
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    It will sink...I mean dive, better now. Like a TV, it just needed a kick and shake to reset.
  5. RHP
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    It would be a cheaper to fix if she had been made of concrete.
  6. Crag Cay
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    This is one of the first subs to use MS Windows as the operating system for it's onboard computers. Apparently basing all its needs on a proprietary OS will reduce costs.

    Apart from the salvage costs.
    And the refit.
    And . . .

    Actually looking at the photos she was clearly on the surface when she grounded. It would also seem to be very close to where HMS Trafalgar grounded during a Perishers course some years back.

    There's big redundancies coming for the Royal Navy in the immediate future. I guess they'll start with the OC and OoW from Astute.
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    Ellisons view of MS in UW environment.. old joke I know but..
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