Historical multihulls

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    I've come across two more photos of the trimaran discussed in post #1334 (near the bottom of p. 89 above). These were both slides taken by my father at the 1959 Memorial Day Regatta in Gulfport, Florida (the same day I took the photo in the earlier post). The slides were taken with color film, but were so badly discolored that I converted them to B&W.

    Although the boat was only a few months old, by the date of that regatta, it had been sold to an FD sailor named Frank Hearn, and I believe was rigged with FD sails.
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    Early days on Supplejack, a modified and radical for the times Tennant designed 32 x 18 foot open wing deck Bamboo Bomber, 1977. In this race to Bay of Islands Noel (foiler) Fuller (in cockpit) brought along an obscenely heavy steel tool box; (he was adamant that all would be required because of expected breakages) to place in the lightweight catamaran design, hence Gavin Dagley helming is grimacing because the dolphin striker, touching at the bottom of the swells, is often throwing spray into his face. There was a mutiny on board later and Noel and unwanted gear was dropped off at Tutukaka. Even with this stop, we still won the race ... and later cleaned up during the following week of Bay regattas. Of course such behaviour would never occur today?

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    Beautiful early Nigel Irens design Gordano Goose.

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    20210413_105124.jpg 20210413_105418.jpg 20210413_105511.jpg 20210413_105712.jpg 20210413_105749.jpg
    The Double Eagle, launched 1967 as the first powered catamaran licensed by the USCG to carry passengers. Builder: Clark Mills, Clearwater Bay Marine Ways for the Old Man and Double Eagle Enterprises. The Number II and III are still in operation out of Clearwater. The DE II was also designed by Clark.

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    Back in the day...when water was not crowded and when Malibu Outriggers began to rake the surf in CA...without masks, doncha know!
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