Higs Bosun particle

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    On July 4th 2012 the Higs Bosun particle was identified. Will this identification mean the possibility of isolation and its consequent removal and therefore a theoretical weight reduction of 100% help in building a light weight canoe.

    Or some kind of improvement in flight or space travel and possible exceeding the speed of light .

    But for the purpose of discussion here perhaps concentration on the canoe may be best.
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    Who knows. What I find interesting is that The Higgs looks exacally like what we thought it would. I was hoping for something that would make us reexamine the underlying theories.

    My best guess is it won't help with a canoe, but the free energy 'quantum' devices will make big use of them.
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    Hi Dame Edna

    Answer to first paragraph, no.

    Para 2, the science fiction writers will have a field day.

    Regarding the canoe is it plywood or fibreglass?

    Will it fit in the very large hadron collider?

    I like the way you have given boson a nautical theme. ;)
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    I thought all Bo's'ns were about 90kg and looked like this...
  5. Frosty

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    Nobody takes me seriously anymore-- I was exited at the discovery of the mas controlling particle. Maybe I should not have mentioned the canoe.

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    What do you mean by ‘‘anymore’’ in this context . . . . . :?:


    Suggestion for your next avatar . . . . ;)

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