Hi, If it is'nt broke dont fix it.

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    Hi everyone I'm from the United Kingdom and this is what I'm now playing with.
    I'm now finishing off a 20ft ex Oil platform Rescue Rib with twin inboard 1100cc 4cyl petrol engines 50hp each. (only sized engines that would fit the space inboard) Old original engines decommissioned. I thought the engines would be a big problem but didn't want a single large gas guzzling lump. The petrol engines are marinised Citroen's with electronic distributor's no points to gap.;) I also got rid of the mechanical fuel pumps and fitted electric pumps to feed the carbs. Reason being the mechanical pumps were hard to find as spares at the breakers yard. Electric pumps were rigged up to a cut out lanyard switch for safety. The twin jet pumps (not sure of manufacturer) are a twin stage type, two impellers in each, shafts and impellers changed from factory type. Now Jetski Yamaha type as there easy to obtain so are most parts on the pumps, shafts are custom made. Yamaha GP1200 shaft couplings to the engines work well. This has been a project for 10 months now and I'm still not happy with it only reaching 21 knots. I thought about a single large engine and driving the jet pump off heavy duty belts and pulleys. The biggest thing that's putting me off doing anything else to it is fuel costs. So if its running and doing its job I wont go changing a thing. A wise man once said. If it is'nt broke, don't go trying to fix it.:D Ive read some of the threads on here and found this place a good source of info.
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