Hi everyone - i'm new and I need help :)

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    Hi all.
    I'm new to boats in general but have been keen to get involved for many years.

    I have just aquired a boat which will need lots and lots of restoration.

    I have absolutelu no idea what this boat is and i'm very aware i may be in over my head and well out of my depth - no pun intended - but i've started now so I guess I have to plug away with what i've got

    The first thing i need help with is finding out as much as possible about the boat itself

    Can anyone identify the make and model and tell me anything about the specification etc.

    Also can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to begin the restoration. My initial thoughts, as someone who knows nothing about boats but is a decent carpenter etc, is to remove all the paint and begin carefully removing the rotten wood but I may need help from a proper boat builder for this.

    Any advice greatfully received. And please don't laugh too hard at my ignorance.

    How do I go about uploading pics of the boat for identification purposes - in the meentime please look here for pics of the boat


    Many thanks

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