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    I'm a new member and I thought it proper that my first post is an introduction. Don't worry, it'll be short...

    I live in the archipelago outside Stockholm in Sweden where I have small company that's mainly about transportation on water with my two boats.

    Boat one is an eight meter aluminum boat made by Swedish company Broson with a Volvo Penta diesel and outdrive. 26 knot cruise and 35 on top.

    Boat two is made in Finland, a Capo, and she's also aluminum but with a keel cooled Mermaid Turbo Plus (Ford) and shaft. 18 knot cruise and 24 max. She's also built for ice, ten centimeters (four inches) of solid ice is about max.

    I found this place because I'm about to build a new boat and I'm looking to make the best possible design to meet my wishes and demands.
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    Welcome. The first step is to make a list of the Statement of Requirements (SOR). The second is to make a decision matrix, where each item has a weight based on its importance for the overall design. Those two will drive the design.
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    The OP's "wishes and demands" need elaboration.
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    See for the elaboration of wishes and demands and starting a SOR the thread: Planning a workboat build
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    Very good. :)

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    Welcome to the forum Magnus!

    Look forward to seeing your new boat come to life.

    Thread Note: the lengthy discussion which evolved regarding the idea of a decision matrix has now been split to its own thread at The use of a decision matrix to prioritize SOR items in the boat design process https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/the-use-and-usefulness-of-a-decision-matrix-to-prioritize-sor-items-in-the-boat-design-process.59548/

    And in case anyone missed the other thread where more detailed discussion on Mangus' project should take place, here is that link again too: Planning a workboat build https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/planning-a-workboat-build.59526/
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