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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by InTheBeech, Nov 6, 2008.

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    I see two H-23 "Prudence" designs in the Mystic library and two very different boats when I do a general internet search. I hope this community can clear things up. I am too far from CT to go and look over the plans myself.
    Mystic plan 38.95 Herreshoff design no. 71
    Mystic plan 38.126 Herreshoff design no. 43

    I've seen descriptions of "centerboard sloop" yet some actual pictures that I've found show a full keel or at least keel/CB combination.
    Right now I wouldn't rule out either boat for having (or not having) any of these features. I'd just appreciate some help in figuring out exactly what each (if they are indeed different) looks like. I also know that there is a nice book on Herreshoff's designs that I can get if I must.

    ps If there are in fact some good Herreshoff fans who are familiar with his work and you know of other designs that fit my criteria (or from any designer for that matter, and I love the lines of such designers as Crowninshield and Rhodes and others), I would appreciate any input. I am looking for an 18-26 foot knockabout daysailer, classic plank on frame, draft under 4' or a CB and a small cuddy just for storage or sitting out a shower. For reference, the Fanta and Sommer design 'Cappy' (See DN Goodchild publication #5490) is an ideal example.
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    The two Prudence designs are shown in the book "Sensible Cruising Designs" by L. Francis Herreshoff. This book, I believe, is readily available at various book sources. The original Prudence, design no. 43, on page 263, was a "centerboard cruising sloop" constructed in lapstrake. It has space below for two berths either side of the centerboard casing and a toilet forward. The dimensions are:
    Loa: 22' 0"
    Lwl: 20' 11"
    Beam: 7' 9"
    Draft: 2' 0"
    Displacement: 4,825 lbs.
    Ballast: 1,540 lbs.

    The second Prudence, design no. 71, is covered in the introduction to the book, with the sail plan shown on page 11, and a painting of the boat is featured on the dust jacket. It looks to be carvel planked. Both Prudence designs are sloop rigs with short bowsprits. No. 71's principal dimensions are shown as:
    Loa: 22' 6"
    Lwl: 19' 9"
    Beam: 8' 0"
    Draft: 3' 0"
    Displacement and ballast are not listed. It does not have a centerboard, so its interior is a little roomier.

    If you want more information about any of the Herreshoffs, you can contact the Herreshoff Marine Museum in Bristol, RI, at http://www.herreshoff.org/.

    I hope that helps.

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    Herreshoff plans

    Thanks so much Eric.
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