Help with strip planking (foam core)

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by jazzmd, Jun 22, 2019.

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    Here are some links that might help you: Construction Methods - Foam Core Construction

    Since the foam has little tensile strength and is just there for compression and shear strength to hold up the laminate the joints don't matter structurally, just how well you can bend them. Neither if the strips are longitudinal or vertical for that matter. I'm a beginner with zero experience but just wanted to let you know in case you're confused about that. Might save you time if you use thermo-forming and larger patches for example.
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    Between 4 and 10 cm depending on the region of the hull
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    Just butt them and use epoxy and cabosil and some good plastic fasteners. You may find you need plastic fastenings between the strips on the jig as well if they try to move away from each other between frames. Use a straight edge during curing unless you can join as you go on the jig with the staple gun.

    I built something a bit like it, but no strip planking and also being talked out of male station method and of course the panels are put up glassed both sides. (Dev panel)

    We used a female walk in setup. It was fun to build this way with preglassed panels. The bulkheads were installed and the deck shoe before pulling the hull from the jig to finish the bottom. This was done to make sure the hull kept its shape vs the male method.

    I don't know if side strip gluing and exterior glass and the thicker hull will help your boat keep her shape on removal. Most likely it will if the designer thinks so.

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    It was a bit difficult at the forward end of the jig; this cat hull is 4' wide max

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    Just clarifying op's intent if I understood it right.
    He is mot talking about glassing the but joints but one side of the whole "foam plank" so he can get but more rigid pieces.

    I understood that he is ysing plans intended for ply do the support frequency is less than stringers in foam strip molds.

    I cannot help op myself as I have no clue. Here to learn myself.
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