Help with a Delcraft alum boat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Angelfish, Jul 4, 2007.

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    I bought what I believe is a very old "Delcraft" aluminum boat. Googled them: nothing there.The label with the model: #14-167 (etched by hand- not machine stamped- so it's hard to tell for sure- that's my best guest), the serial #: 7754, and the max. rec.: h.p.: 14. Label states the boat is "A product of Delhi Manufacturing Corp. Delhi, Louisiana. (1.) Anyone know for sure when they stopped making 14 hp motors? That would probably be a start at knowing how old it is. (2.) It's in great shape: no beer can thin aluminum in this baby, but the wood on the transom must be replaced. My question is this: there is a brace that is riveted to the bottom of the boat and runs diagonally to the transom and is riveted through the wood and the alum. Can I drill out the rivets, replace the rotten wood with marine plywood (looks like 3/4 inch) and then reattach the brace with stainless steel screws, washers, and bolts. I have a drill and a saw but I don't have a rivet gun. Ideas appreciated: this will be my first ever boat project. Also, this is my first time posting. If I posted this in the wrong spot I'm sorry. Looked like the best fit. Thanks, Angelfish
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    Delcraft Alum Boat

    I have a 14 ft. Delcraft Alum boat also. My mom and I bought it for my dad's birthday in 1962. The model is the same as yours and the serial # is 74**. (sorry I don't give exact serial numbers on forums).
    About the transom, we replaced ours 3 years ago and we went to a boat shop and bought 1 inch thick plywood then had someone to fiberglass it to seal it. And the brace in the bottom? we just drilled out the rivets and replaced with stainless steel bolts with clear silicon around them. It leaks a little but it is not enough to get our feet wet after being on the water all day and night.
    I wonder what ever happened to Delhi Manufacturing Corp. Delhi, Louisiana? I tried to google them also and nothing there.
    You are the only other person I know that has a Delcraft Alum boat. Please let me know if you received this post because this is an old post and the forum gave me a warning at the bottom. :)
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    I have a 12ft Delcraft which I will use a 1946/49 Johnson to power it by. I'm trying to locate the serial number but I cannot locate it. Does anyone know where this number is usually located. I have looked all over the transon both inside and out, no luck.
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    Delcraft aluminum boat

    Recently pulled dads boat out of the weeds. Looking for any info on it. The model number is worn off but can make out the serial number. The boat is 14' long and a v bottom.
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    Angelfish, Derl, 39don and Edweaver, welcome to the forum!
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    I have a 12-ft Delcraft v-hull myself. It was sunken in a pond and I salvaged it. Needless to say the built-in flotation will not hold it up forever. There was absolutely nothing left in the way of a serial number or other identification except the delcraft logos on the sides near the transom. I'm also interested in learning anything I can about this boat. And yes replacing the transom wood and drilling out those rivets is perfectly fine as long as you seal them properly, which means staying away from silicone and using 3M 5200. Let's keep this thread alive people, just like we're trying individually to keep these Delcraft boats alive. I look forward to any useful comments / answers, thank you
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