Help Wanted: Westlawn Alumni to Celebrate 75th Anniversary!

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    Help Wanted: Alumni, Former Students and Faculty of Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology to Celebrate 75th Anniversary! Presence Requested in Miami February 17, 2005 at Diamond Jubilee Celebration

    The Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology is planning to celebrate its 75th Anniversary in 2005 and needs your help! Westlawn will host this gala event on February 17, 2005, during the Miami Boat Show to celebrate not only the accomplishments of the school, but of it’s alumni and students, and to induct a “to be announced” designer into a newly established Designers Hall of Fame. To make the event as special as possible, Westlawn is asking for assistance in locating alumni, former students and faculty.

    "Our alumni are our thread to the past - not only to our history but to our industry as well,” states Dave Gerr. “I received an e-mail this summer from alum Thomas Charles Windsor who enrolled in Westlawn in 1930 and who was granted his Diploma in Advanced Design on June 15, 1939. His e-mail recounted some of his experiences designing patrol boats during World War II and his subsequent design career, and they were fascinating!"​
    Westlawn is searching for current contact information from anyone who has been associated with Westlawn, and is compiling this information so to forward them invitations to join our celebration and to learn about their experiences since their affiliation with Westlawn. All past students and instructors are encouraged to get in touch with Sara Hudson, Student Services Coordinator,, with their contact information, special reminisces of Westlawn, and the school’s impact upon their lives. All small craft and yacht designers, and design firms that would like to lend their support and/or attend the celebration are also encouraged to contact us and participate.

    Dave Gerr
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