Help to progress an probabilistic damage stability analysis

Discussion in 'Software' started by Pedro_VB, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Pedro_VB New Member

    Hi !

    I'm Pedro and I'm from Brazil.

    I'm graduating at Marine Engineering at UFRJ (federal university of Rio de Janeiro) and I'm projecting a bulk carrier for study/academic purpose.

    Then I have to run an probabilistic damage stability analysis but I have no softaware (Neither Maxsurf v.15 nor extension for Delftship).

    Is there an easy way to do this analysis? Or a free software that I could download?

    What I've done so far about this project is uploaded if ypu want to check. It's in Portuguese-brazillian: Rocha_Pedro_Vilas_ Boas/relat1/Frame.htm

    Or if there's no software out there, someone that has maxsurf 15 could run this analysis for me?

    I already modeled the ship at Maxsurf but there isn't probabilistic analysis in the previous versions.

    Thank you,
  2. formsys
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    formsys formsys

    Have your professor contact us at FormSys about getting a copy of Hydromax for your computer lab.
  3. hellojaby
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    hellojaby Junior Member

    U Can use MAXSURF DEMO Download on Websit

  4. klaas
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    klaas Junior Member

    The easiest way is indeed to contact Formsys and order an (education) copy of hydromax. The same can be done for Delftship, but in that case you have to spend some time on rebuilding you model.

    Furthermore, the formsys website provides webinars in which the damage analysis is explained.
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