help please Epoxy on EPS finishing

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Victory 1, Nov 27, 2014.

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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    I will be building an outrigger float using a solid core of 2 pound density EPS

    foam covered with 10 ounce glass fabric and epoxy.

    What can I use as a fairing product to get the float ready for primer and paint?

    I was planning to use a ONE part Polyurethane as the finish coat.
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    2 pound density isn't structural. I don't consider this foam structural unless it's at least 5 pounds.

    You can buy a premixed fairing compound, such as System Three's "QuickFair" or you can make you own, with epoxy and light weight fillers, such as Q-cells and micro balloons. Once satisfied with the fairing and smoothing operations (nope, they're not the same), you'll want a good epoxy primer, especially if applying a single part polyurethane over it.
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