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    hi i am a boat intusiast from brazil that needs a lot of help,i wanna build muy own wakeboard boat especific
    v drive
    deep v hull
    for 10 passanger
    18-20 ft
    with a good design like malibu or sea doo boats or any goo wake boat
    i will use a v6 or a v8 engine tha will desenvolv 300 or more hp i am doing too my own wakeboard tower ...i study a lot of sites and projects but i didnt find plans with that specs ,a need help to do almost evrything since the choose of plans and designs any help wil be a good help .i know tha one can say that probably best buy a boot but a used malib or watercraft down here is the same price of a new ferrari or a new lamboghirny ,import one will cost me something like 90.000 usd to 120( if i buy a 30ยด000 usd boat or less)so do the maths is not worthed ... buy plans for sites will cost 2000 usd for me and here we dont have anything like we known i am in deep trouble if i dont get any help thanks for the tme .
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